Avanset VCE Exam Simulator

Visual Cert Exam simulator (VCE) is a software program in which real time exams are prepared. Those exams are taken in a simulation environment thus making you think as if you are giving an actual exam. It help you understand whether you are ready for the exam or certification.

Through VCE you can create an exam or you can read an exam created on it.

Most Certification Dumps are available in (.vce) formats. To be able to run these file you need to install VCE Exam Simulator.

Here is a cracked version of VCE Exam Simulator 1.1.7. Read INSTRUCTIONS before installing.


Bluestack APP Player Simulator


Run VCE files without Stream Read Error. The VCE 1.1.7 has a software bug and latest exam dumps will not work on it. 
To run latest exam dumps try this method.

Step 1: Install an App Player  Simulator.

Step 2: When Installation is complete and data is downloaded.

Step 3: Open player and search for A+ vce, it will ask you to search for it on play store.

Step 4: Click Search on Play Store, if the store is not installed on the app player it will ask for the play store installaion.

Step 5: Complete the procedure required to install the store.

Step 6: After the Store is installed open it and search for A+ vce. It will display the search on the top.

Step 7: Install A+ vce on the app player just like you install an app on your android smartphone.

Step 8: Open the A+ vce and load the exam file you want to view. Best option is to save vce files in "My Documents". Browse through the folder and load the file you want to run.

Step 9: A+ vce is a demo version and it will exit the exam after a few questions. Just click ok and on the top right corner click retake and incomplete questions, it will load the rest of the questions.

Step 10: Repeat the process until the exam is completed.

NOTE: I know it requires an effort but this is the best you can get for free.

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