Microsoft Imagine Cup Challenge


Imagine Cup is an international competition among students of all disciplines that provides opportunities for students to team up and use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to create applications, games and integrate solution that can change our life in more efficient and effective way.

The challenge is organized, sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corporation. It’s an opportunity for young technologists to resolve world’s toughest challenges. The Imagine Cup challenge is organized every year with different themes. With this challenge you get a chance to meet new people, learn better skills, get involved in next level of games and apps and win cash, prizes. 

            The system is basically the same for all challenges; your entry will be reviewed by a team of judges each of whom will score it on a number of different criteria, eventually generating a score from 0 to 100. You can review the specific criteria for the competition you have entered in the Official Rules. If you don’t cover one of the criteria, you will get a 0 for that section, and that will affect your overall score. The best way to get as many points as possible is to cover every single one of the judging criteria.

            Every year at Imagine Cup, Microsoft offers a variety of online challenges and they intend to change it from year to year. Imagine Cup offers many ways for students of all skill level to participate and win. Every year there are different themes of challenges. 

            The competition started in 2003 and since then over 350,000 competitors from over 138 countries have participated in the Imagine Cup competition with great success. 

The Imagine Cup Worldwide finals have been held all over the globe. The 2015 Imagine Cup World Finals was held in Seattle and has been won by the team eFitFashion from Brazil.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 Global Student Competition

Getting Started

2016 Big Idea: Pitch Challenge

2016 Imagine Cup Earth (Intermediate)

2016 Hello Cloud Challenge 

Games: Play to Win

Innovation: Break the Rules

Official Rules

Frequently Asked Questions


Deadline: March 16,2016


          There are three levels of entry in this competition; Beginner, Medium and Advanced. You must be at least 16 years old. To participate in this challenge, you need to register or sign in at . Pick up a project and start working on it, build your team. Eligible student teams will once again compete with thousands of others from across the globe by developing a technology project from start to finish in the following categories: Games, Innovation or World Citizenship.


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